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Youth Leadership Corps/Teen Center
40 Richelieu Terrace, 973-374-2000 x1000

  • Ages 13-19
  • Community Service Projects
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Leadership training
  • Summer jobs

Vailsburg Youth Leadership Corps

“I learned how to be patient and open up to people more, and that’s something I have had a hard time doing.” Teen Center Student

The Vailsburg Youth Leadership Corps of UVSO, is a six-day-a-week personal development program for up to 150 high school-aged youths residing in the Vailsburg section of Newark, NJ. The purpose of the Vailsburg Youth Leadership Corps is to provide a positive alternative to gangs and street life to teens that are at high risk due to significant levels of gang activity and street crime in the Vailsburg Community. 

Hours of Operation

  • 5PM to 9PM on school days
  • 12 NOON to 5PM on Saturdays
  • 8AM to 8PM during summer months
The Teen Program’s goals are to:
  • Ensure that every member graduates from high school with actionable plans for life after high school
  • Improve connectedness with school/law enforcement/community based agencies
  • Deter criminal and delinquent behaviors
  • Link youth to caring and supportive adults.

Summer Training and Work


As part of the Teen Center’s initiative, job readiness is pursued through its summer program. In the most recent year, the Unified Vailsburg Services Organization, Teen Center Division, has placed a total of one hundred and thirty five ( 135) students in a variety of summer jobs to include but not limited to convenient stores,  apartment buildings, Seton Hall University, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, parks, banks, schools, and much more!

Junior Teens (of the age 13), are placed in a job shadowing position and a summer camp is provided for children between the ages of 9-12.

The Teen Center is also well equipped for exercise and recreational activities and includes a dance studio, a cafeteria, a large performance and meeting area,  a library, a computer lab, a men’s lounge, a women’s lounge, and a game room.

Summer Worker Spotlight

  Meet Erica: she is a young teen working hard to become successful. 

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Q: Why do you like the UVSO program so much?

A: I like the UVSO program because it’s a good environment and it’s friendly.

Q: What are some of your best experiences at the program?

A: Some of the best experiences at program are when we had the car wash and when we had the community service.

Q: What did the UVSO program help you accomplish in life?

A: It helped me accomplish not being shy anymore.

Q: Did the UVSO program make you change the way you thought of yourself?

A: Yes, it helped me have confidence and made me believe in myself more.

“I honestly thank UVSO for making me a better person. I would love to become a permanent member of the UVSO Teen Center.” - Teen Center Summer Employment Student