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Pinelands Adventure: A Journey Through the Woods

By: Ny’Janah Pride

On July 28, 2016, a group of youth interns from the UVSO Teen Center Youth leadership Corp took a field trip to Pinelands Adventure. Pinelands Adventure is located in the Pine Barrens in South Jersey, a very wooded and sandy haven filled with fresh air and sandy roads. It is said to be a preserved area because of the clean water that is located underground among the bedrock. The water is filtered underground and residents tap into it through wells in their homes or on their properties. This is also how farming is successful for many people in the Pine Barrens. Wells also feed irrigation systems. Mr. John Volpa, our tour guide also educated us on the different types of soil found there, and how plants can only survive if they can naturally access water aquifers underground. Trees, blueberry’s, pinecones and mushrooms do very well there. The endless bugs seemed to do well too.

We also took a hike through the Pineland woods. During the hike, we analyzed the different types of plants and fruits that naturally grow wild. Along the tour, Mr. John gave trivia questions, and for each question answered correctly, we earned a fruit snack. The last thing we experienced in the woods was canoeing.  It was difficult at first, but towards the end, everyone got the hang of it. The trip was a great experience and very educational. Personally, I enjoyed myself even though there was a myriad of bugs. I was afraid to canoe at first because my group and I kept getting stuck in the bushes, but Mr. John helped us back to shore. I gained a lot of knowledge on this adventure and recommend that other youth groups explore the woods too!

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